In today’s eclectic mish-mash that we like to call trends, there are a lot of things that show up which are just plain stupid. The people who insist on putting a rotary dial phone in their house because they think it’s retro. Yeah, so is a horse and buggy but good luck getting hipster X out of his Psion. Or the brilliance of the ultra modern d-bags who thought up the idea of putting a staircase, without any railings, in the middle of a room; or as I like to call it, “One martini away from a freaking hysterical obituary”.


But there is a current trend that we back fully. It’s throwback rustic without being douchey moronic, and it fits design choices from Modern to Industrial to Contemporary to, hell, even Arts & Crafts. It’s the barn door. Here at Trinity Builders & Design we have loved these access flaps for a long time and it looks like everyone else is catching up. It’s got all the benefits of a pocket door with actual options, or a louvered door that’s not ugly, or an interior garage door that doesn’t scream, “I’m spending a fortune to look poor”. You get a lot of flexibility because you don’t have to account for door swing so it’s great for tight spaces, but also, because you have a ton of options from the overhung track, you can make it big and heavy for large spaces while still being able to open it with one hand.


So if you want designer functional without settling for the granny panty aisle, don’t discount what farmers have known about for years. Barn doors. They’re not just for cattle anymore.


David Bosnak, Design Lead

Tamir Zipori, CEO

Asi Tzipori, CFO





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