Modern Fire Pit

Southern California resident are very blessed with the weather, while we watch most of the country endure below zero temperatures, we are usually having family gatherings in the backyard; yes we are THAT lucky. This year however, seems to have been the exception, with below average temperatures and even snow falls in many areas.

But this unusual cold weather should not keep us from doing the things that we love the most, spending time outdoors. What better time than now to start thinking about adding a fire pit or even update an existing one.

Just like most homes nowadays, modern style fire pits have become more and more common, and understandably so, it adds a touch of elegance and charm to the house.

Below is a picture of our most recent project. For this fire pit, we went with slate slabs as counter top and fire glass as the topping for the fire pan. The color of the slab, the fire glass and the dancing flames effect blends in well with the zero edge swimming pool and modern deck, adding to the breathtaking view.

Fire pit



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