Pool Finish

Having options is always good right? Well not everyone would agree with that statement, sometimes too many options can become a little overwhelming.

This is definitely true for pool owners when it is time to decide on their swimming pool finish. There is no clear cut answer on which material to use, it all depends on the look and feel you are going for. Like with any other construction aspect, there are always pros and cons to almost all material choices, and careful consideration should be taken when choosing the finish you would like to go with.

The most commonly used finish for swimming pool is the plaster; and while the traditional finish is the white plaster, there are many options of colors and textures available in the market.

Plaster is nothing more than a combination of white cement, white marble aggregate and water. The white plaster will give a classic look to your swimming pool, but the tinted plaster can be used to reflect and/or contrast with the overall look of the back yard and the house. When chosen properly, the tinted plaster will give more dimension and drama to the poolscape.

The picture below our latest project and the customer went with a darker shade of grey plaster which adds depth to the pool, and creates a mirror like reflection on the water accentuating the surrounding beauty of the yard.


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