To add or expand?


Most homeowners homeowners would agree, as time passes, families grow and priorities change, the need for a bigger house arises. However, buying a new house is not always the best way to acquire a more spacious home. Not only is the purchase of a new home very costly but it would also entail, in most cases, relocating to a new neighborhood, new school, grocery stores, the list goes on and on. The perhaps more logical and feasible solution to a more spacious house is to simply expand an existing room or add a brand new room to the existing house.
Expanding the living space of a house is always a great investment, in fact it is the only type of home improvement that will always guarantee an increase for the home’s value. There are different ways to expand the living space of a home, from simply expanding a kitchen, living room or bedroom, to adding a second story, the options are numerous.
However, while it may make more sense to expand an existing home, that does not mean that it would be an easy or cheap project. And there are still many other aspects to consider: what are your current and near future needs? What is the reason for the expansion? If you are planning on starting a family or have elderly relatives living in the home for example, adding a second story might not be the best option.
Another very important aspect to keep in mind is of course, your budget. Adding a second story to your home would be much more costly than just adding a room since there are more structural aspects to consider, regulations are more strict and permits are a little harder to obtain making the whole project a bit more complex.
But whether you decide to just expand, add a new room or floor to your home, you are sure to enjoy your new home space for many years to come.


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