Replace The Old Grill With A Modern Outdoor Kitchen





The days of using the classic stand alone grill are over; nowadays, many home owners are opting instead for an outdoor kitchen which makes it much more practical and fun to entertaining guests, while cooking.

There are so many options to customize an outdoor kitchen, from grill to oven, from a mini refrigerator to a wine cooler, the list goes on and on; it all just depends on your specific needs and wants.

The main aspects to keep in mind when designing your new outdoor kitchen are the functionality and location. It should be close enough to the main house to facilitate the movement of utensils, dishes and food from the house to your outdoor kitchen while at the same time close enough to all the action in the backyard/pool for the cook to be part of the rest of the party.

It is also important to keep in mind that all material used for this area should weather resistant (such as stones and stainless steel). And finally, this outdoor space should flow with the rest of the backyard, and complement the design of the house.

The photos above are of one of our recent projects. The outdoor kitchen was designed perfectly, as there is plenty of counter space for the cook to do the preparations as well as cook while able to interact with guests sitting at the bar area as well as be part of all the action at the pool.

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