Zero Edge Pools

In the past few years, zero edge pools have become increasingly popular in Southern California, especially on the hill side houses. The growth in its popularity is mostly attributed to its unmatched beauty; the illusion of an infinite area of water, blending in with the sky is truly breathtaking.

A zero edge pool is one without an outside edge giving the impression that the water isn’t being held in by anything. In order to create this illusion however, much precision is required, 1mm error can mean that the whole look of the pool is ruined.

We have all heard the expression “water seeks its own level”, which means that water has the tendency to flow until all of it is at the same level, this phenomenon is due to potential energy. Water accelerates in the direction that reduces its total potential energy (the higher water has the higher potential energy); which in lame’s terms means that higher water will always accelerate to lowest points as quickly as possible in order to level itself.

If the tile of the all pool walls are not at the exact same level, the water will automatically gravitate to that area creating gaps in the water descends and the whole look of it goes down the drain, quite literally.


Below is a picture of one of our ongoing projects of building a zero edge pool on a hillside house. The view is already beautiful, once completed this pool will be a breathtaking site.

tile2 tile3

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