5 Tips to Prepare for a Home Remodel.

You have decided to remodel your home, have hired a contractor to do the job, have plans in hand and are now ready to get started; all the hard work is now done! Well… not so fast! There is still a lot of work to do prior to swinging the hammer. 1- To Stay or […]

Design Talk: Mid-Century Design Styles

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, chances are that you have heard the term “Mid-Century design” several times in the past several years; but what is the buzz all about ? Mid-Century design has been around since, you guessed it, mid-20th century. This style of design usually refers to the architecture, furniture […]

Show Me The 3D!

For most homeowners, the mere thought of embarking on any remodeling projects will send them running in the opposite direction. It is not only the budget and the construction mayhem that scares most people away, although that is probably the most horrifying aspects, but the designing and putting ideas together that will send most minds […]

Avoiding Construction Scams.

While watching the news recently, we were reminded of the sad reality in our society: there are too many people out there running scams for money and ruining many people’s lives. Whether building a new house or remodeling an existing one, the process of construction on a home is a chaotic and stressful time for […]


  In today’s eclectic mish-mash that we like to call trends, there are a lot of things that show up which are just plain stupid. The people who insist on putting a rotary dial phone in their house because they think it’s retro. Yeah, so is a horse and buggy but good luck getting hipster […]

Safety In the Working Place

There is no denying that construction sites are prone to accidents. In the midst of so many different types of equipment, construction material and hectic working days, safety can easily be overlooked in the interest of quick results. What most people don’t realize is that most accidents can be easily avoided if everyone makes their […]

From Basement to Wine Cellar.

  Are you a wine enthusiast? Do you wish you had a space to properly store your wine for many years to come (as it should be)? If you have a basement in your house, your wish can become true. Most of us use our basement to store stuff, from old clothes and furniture to […]

Backyard space solution.

As anyone who lives in Los Angeles would know, many houses in the area do not have much space on the backyard leaving most home owners with the tough decision of what to add to the backyard; they have to either opt for a swimming pool, a guest house or garage. That would usually be […]

Modern Fire Pit

Southern California resident are very blessed with the weather, while we watch most of the country endure below zero temperatures, we are usually having family gatherings in the backyard; yes we are THAT lucky. This year however, seems to have been the exception, with below average temperatures and even snow falls in many areas. But […]

Zero Edge Pools

In the past few years, zero edge pools have become increasingly popular in Southern California, especially on the hill side houses. The growth in its popularity is mostly attributed to its unmatched beauty; the illusion of an infinite area of water, blending in with the sky is truly breathtaking. A zero edge pool is one […]

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